Loft Conversions In Essex

Here at KMJ Construction, we offer high quality loft conversions in and around the Essex area, including the South East and in some cases, further afield. Our experience and knowledge has seen us work on hundreds of loft conversions over the years and as such, we’ve become one the country’s go-to construction companies.

Optimise Space

The reason that many choose a loft conversion is for the simple fact of space, so when planning to convert your loft, we understand only too well the importance when it comes to optimising space while achieving a natural look in your home. Loft conversions allow you to stay in the home you love, the area you love and enjoy that much-needed added space.

Everything’s Covered

When it comes to Essex loft conversions, you’ll be happy to know that we carry out all of the necessities from design to planning permission and all the way through to managing the most intricate details of the build itself. We know only too well that every conversion is different which means every detail must be considered.

Save £££’s

A loft conversion is often the cheapest, most efficient and in some cases, the easiest way to increase space in the home. It’s also a much more sensible option considering the current climate and rising cost of housing.


We’ll ensure everything is covered from start to finish leaving you without any unnecessary stress. Rest assured your project will be in the hands of professionals.


While some do choose to hire an architect, a steel works drawing officer (if and when needed) along with a construction company, we help you cut costs and time by covering everything from drawings to planning permission.


We know how important it is to ensure that costs are kept within a certain budget which is why we’ll do our best to keep you as informed as possible when it comes to costing, every step of the way.


Final inspections are a legal requirement of any build but with our experience and knowledge of the industry, we’ll ensure a smooth and efficient finish during the final inspection.