What we do

KMJ Construction are based in Essex and have a long history of being a reliable and trustworthy building firm, please view our testimonials that show our long list of happy customers.  We are also skilled in many forms of construction, with dedicated teams for each aspect of construction, which enables us to take on any job of any size.

Throughout our history, we have aimed to be transparent with all of our customers ensuring that you know what is going on. From the initial plan of the project to the final brick being laid, we will keep you in the know.  If you are interested or would like to inquire about any construction projects you have in mind, then please feel free to contact our team for any details on the project of your dreams!

Complete Building Solutions

Many people can find building/rennovation projects to be stressful, this is mainly due to having to arrange different contractors for speciffic tasks such as groundwork, plumbing, roofing etc.

Through many years in the construction industry, we have built a highly skilled team whose expertise span across each and every building trade. This means we can efficiently complete your whole project from start to finish ourselves making it extremely easy and stress-free for the customer!

No job too big or small

We are verstaile company and we reflect that in the industries we cover. We are willing and able to carry out all works within the commercial, residential and educational sectors.

We are able to come on-site, whether that be your house, school, or office and provide a quick no-hassle quote.